Helping Share a Hearty Harvest Around Ocala

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When you think about autumn harvest, what comes to mind? Probably a cornucopia of colorful vegetables and ripe fruits just picked from the vine. Maybe some larger than life pumpkins and festive gourds, a few strategic bundles of straw thrown in. In Ocala, a successful harvest might look more like an economy-sized grocery shopping list. Boxes and boxes of … [Read more...]

Age Don’t Mean a Thing If You Still Got That Swing!


Some people can't help but complain about aches and pains. They have a whole list of reasons why they don't feel like working out today or can't participate in a sport because they're just too old or it's too strenuous. Yeah, I'm talking to the couch potatoes and the snoozers who never seek further than the remote controls for a healthy workout (and yes, I … [Read more...]

Ocala Saves on Girl Scout Cookies This Season

girl scout cookie boxes, thin mints.

Guess what season it is. Everyone's favorite.... Girl Scout Cookie Time! You know you love the cool mint and chocolate of Thin Mints, the crunchy sweet Samoas, creamy Tagalongs , and even the signature taste of the Trefoils. Friendly Scouts are selling their lovable boxed delights in front of retail stores around Ocala, so if you weren't able to pre-order a … [Read more...]