Redecorate Your Apartment with Finds from Country Memories

Country Memories

A quick decor update can give your Ocala apartment a whole new look. Find the perfect pieces, big or small, at this local shop. Country Memories offers collectibles, decor, and holiday decorations that will let you change up your apartment's look from season to season. One easy way to bring your decor from one season to the next is with scents. … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tennis Drills to Try on the Court

Here are some terrific tennis drills to help you sharpen your skills on the tennis court here at your Ocala apartment community.

In between games, tennis court drills really help sharpen your skills. But which drills should you be doing? The top three drills to try on the court are below, all intended to help you with your speed and agility. For all of these drills, you'll want to place two cones 10 yards apart on the court. Sprint-and-Jog:  This drill works your burst speed … [Read more...]

Get Your Tickets for the Ocala Pumpkin Run

ocala pumpkin run

With the season change from summer to fall, a plethora of new events and festivities always follow suit. With holidays coming up, cooler weather on the horizon, and pumpkin season underway, there is no shortage of fall festivals in Ocala. This includes the Ocala Pumpkin Run on the weekend of October 24-26. The Ocala Pumpkin Run is a 3-day car show, … [Read more...]

3 Tricks for Getting Your Cat Used to Your New Home

Here are some tips to help you cat adjust to living here at your pet-friendly Ocala apartment community.  Source: morgueFile

You're getting ready to move into your new pet friendly apartment at the Estates at Heathbrook and the last thing you want is for your cat to be upset with all the changes. These great tips will help make her feel right at home in no time. Routine is very important to a cat. Even before all the boxes have been unpacked, try to continue the same schedule … [Read more...]

3 Moves to Get a Great Workout in the Pool

Here are some excellent exercise that you can practice from the comfort of the sparkling pool here at your Ocala luxury apartment community.

Getting a good workout in can be as easy as you want it to be or as hard. There are some great moves you can do when in the pool that will give you the exercise you want. If you have an apartment with a pool, you might as well use it. Here are 3 moves to get a great workout in the pool. Head over to the deep end of the pool and you can do wall leg … [Read more...]