Celebrate 2015 in Style at Hilton Ocala

Hilton Ocala New Year's

Celebrate the New Year in high style at the Hilton Ocala. They're offering a trio of luxury events to start 2015 off with a bang. Begin with the "Chef's Butcher Block" buffet dinner on December 31 from 5 PM - 10 PM. Enjoy prime rib, steak and roast pork carved to order as well a variety of other items. The $42.95 price includes a dessert bar and … [Read more...]

2 Fun Games You Can Play Outside With Your Dog

Dog Ball

Dogs love to play, and our dog park makes it easy to play with your pup in a safe area with plenty of room for running. Here are two fun games you can play with your furry friend in our dog park. Doggy Basketball: You’ll need a large container such as a bucket or laundry basket and a ball your dog can carry. Tell your dog to sit and have him watch … [Read more...]

Keep Your Pooch Active When You Take Her on a Run

Dog Walk

Running is great exercise for both you and your pup, but dogs aren't as well suited for long runs as their human counterparts. Here are a few tips to keep your pup active when you go for a run. No Pulling: It’s important to teach your dog not to pull on the leash while you’re running. Your dog’s natural instinct is to stop and sniff when … [Read more...]

Stop By Downtown Ocala for Fun Holiday Events This Season

Ocala Reindeer Run

Festive holiday events are an important part of the annual celebration. Enjoy the spirit of the season with these fun holiday events in Ocala. If you are looking for a great event that is also for a good cause, register for this year's Reindeer Run. Held on December 13th at 4:40 pm, funds raised by this event will go to support the Boys and Girls … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Grab a Cup of Joe at Our Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

Coffee doesn't only give you a jolt of energy, it also has multiple health benefits. Take advantage of the coffee bar at our apartment to enjoy a cup of Joe and experience these extra benefits. Caffeine consumption has been linked to a lower risk of Parkinson's disease. Although there is no known cure for this neurodegenerative disease, studies have … [Read more...]