3 Things Every First-Time Cat Owner Should Know

3 Things Every First-Time Cat Owner Should Know

Raise a happy and healthy feline with these tips for first time cat owners.

Are you planning on bringing home a new cat? After bringing home your furry friend to the Estates at Heathbrook, read up on these important cat care tips that will keep your kitten healthy and comfortable.

Do your research and make certain your apartment, as well as your own lifestyle, can accommodate a new pet. For instance, make certain you are not allergic to cats by having yourself tested to insure that you will not suffer from any allergic reactions. Speak to a vet to see what cats have low allergens that may allow you to adopt, if you want a nice kitten in your life.

To prevent your cat from clawing up your furniture or drapes, have the cat immunized and when old enough, take the cat to be neutered/spayed. She will be happy and you will not have future regrets.

Do not skimp on the cat litter. Always buy quality cat litter and a quality litter box. Also, make certain you keep it clean regularly.

Lastly, keep your pet supplied with well-balanced food and purchase a scratching post or her.

Follow these tips and you and your cat will be happy.

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