Ocala Saves on Girl Scout Cookies This Season

girl scout cookie boxes, thin mints.

Save 50 cents on Ocala Girl Scout cookies!

Guess what season it is. Everyone’s favorite…. Girl Scout Cookie Time! You know you love the cool mint and chocolate of Thin Mints, the crunchy sweet Samoas, creamy Tagalongs , and even the signature taste of the Trefoils. Friendly Scouts are selling their lovable boxed delights in front of retail stores around Ocala, so if you weren’t able to pre-order a box, you’ll sure want to stock up for this year!

Oh, did I mention Ocala residents will save 50 cents on cookies bought in Marion County? Scout’s honor! (And I was a Girl Scout back in the day, so you can trust me!) While surrounding counties are paying $4 a box, Ocala residents are only paying $3.50. In this economy, every dollar (and half-dollar) counts, so treat yourself to one more box if you like.

You can thank the Ocala¬†council-people¬†for your sweet savings. And how do the Girl Scouts feel about the drop? Since over half of the earnings go toward the local troops, your friendly neighborhood scouts are excited to sell more boxes and earn their badges. (And a trip to SeaWorld isn’t bad incentive either!)

So when you catch the Girl Scouts’ booths in front of the local Publix or Walmart, buy and extra box of Thanks-A-Lots for the Ocala city officials!

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