Get Authentic Mexican Dishes at La Hacienda in Ocala

La Hacienda Ocala FL

For all of your Mexican cuisine needs, all you have to do is head to La Hacienda. From delicious food to eat there to authentic groceries to take home, La Hacienda has it. … [Read more...]

Saddle Up and Ride a Horse at SilverStride Equestrian Center

SilverStride Equestrian Center

Learning how to ride a horse is one of the most exciting activities you'll ever take part in. SilverStride Equestrian Center is the best place to go to to learn to ride. … [Read more...]

2 Fun Events to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ocala

St Patricks Day 5K Ocala

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Ocala is so much fun that it can't be confined to one day. Start the festivities early by joining in these Irish-themed events. … [Read more...]

3 Common Questions About Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Dog Spaying Neutering

You know it's important to have your pet spayed or neutered to prevent future health problems as well as animal overpopulation. The answers to these three questions will give you a better understanding of the procedure. … [Read more...]

2 Ways to Boost Your Treadmill Workout in the Fitness Center

Proper treadmill running

Do you feel like your treadmill workouts aren't yielding the results you want, or do you want to make sure you're on the right track? Check out these two tips for a better treadmill workout. … [Read more...]