Create Your Own Wine at The Corkscrew in Downtown Ocala


Put your own unique twist on your next bottle of wine at this winery in Ocala. The Corkscrew is a do it yourself winery, allowing you to put your own spin on all of the details of your bottle of wine. … [Read more...]

Wilson Vs. Brady: Watch the Big Game With Us

The Big Game

The Big Game is quickly approaching, and The Estates at Heathbrook invite you to come watch with us.  Residents and guests should plan to meet at our Clubhouse and Pool Lanai areas on Sunday, February 1st before national coverage starts at 6 p.m. … [Read more...]

Learn to Play Racquetball in Our Marion County Apartment

Racquetball Court

Racquetball is a lot of fun and it burns some serious calories. Head to the indoor racquetball court at our apartment community and improve your game by training with these five steps. Start by warming up. Stand at the service line, and simply hit ten forehand serves against the wall, followed by ten backhand hits. To work on charging the ball, … [Read more...]

Get Your Tickets for “Something’s Afoot” at the Ocala Civic Theatre

Something's Afoot

Live theater provides a refreshing change from the latest big-budget movie extravaganzas. "Something's Afoot" blends music, mystery and comedy to create a thoroughly entertaining experience. The play is a humorous take on the classic Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries. Ten unsuspecting guests spending the weekend at a remote English estate … [Read more...]

5 Diet Tips Your Dog Needs to Stay Healthy

Dog Diet Food

Like humans, our dogs need to eat a healthy diet, but unlike humans, our dogs depend on us to make the right food choices for them. With help from the Adopt and Shop, you will be able to discern what food goes into your dog’s body. … [Read more...]